A Little Jar of Sunshine ...

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:09 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Todays Mahi...

Sowed Capsicums , sweetcorns and the last cucumber seed ( seeing as my other 2 vanished )

Set up a Mobile Compostery for kitchen scraps and weed leaves (no seeds etc) and that is now full of goodies and nice crumbly earth. had been meaning to do that for ages so good goal achieved,

Pulled out a few weeds AND picked a lovely bunch of interesting grasses and wildflowers pretending to look like dandilions (but not dandilions) - was going to make paper with these but had no energy so put them in a jar on the kitchen windowsill - yellow is such a happy colour

courier  arrived - my mother had sweetly sent me some gardening gloves and a pot of beautiful organic hand/body cream that she uses after being out in the garden. i'd been thinking gloves would be useful so that was timely! 

Landlord arrived as I was painting up a wee bespoke postcard of yesterdays harvest - he thought the No Face Garden was looking good. he politely didnt say anything about everything else very obviously not ready yet. so much still to do. i need another 10 of me right now! ones with way more energy and physical ability but the same careful consideration when it comes to wildlife and doing things properly with the weeds.



A Little Jar of Sunshine ...