A Muddy Day

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:27 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

All I can say is true to this year's standards, today was definitely not an exception. Except, instead of torrents of water, we had to contend with mud as well. Lots and lots of it. For the most part, hubby and I were under the shelter as we were assisting on the ramp at bmx (well except for the hour I was flag marshall and it poured down). Due to pure luck, the kids avoided having to race in the rain (I don't know how we managed that). Unfortunately, the area where the cars and tents were ended up being a mud pit with many vehicles towed out. Since the event was an NQM -  a national qualifying event, and many had travelled, we had to continue the best we could so long as no riders were at risk. 

After seeing the amount of rain that came down, I was dreading coming home to see what we were faced with. Luck must have been with us this time, because for once, the lawn was not flooded. Just a wee bit soggy. Although we were only 5-10 minutes away, we seemed to have missed most of it (for once).

Instead of a flooded section, we were greeted with numerous ripe raspberries, and a beautiful pink Lily. My tomatoes also appear to have doubled overnight. Despite being planted after Connor's, they are doing slightly better. While they both get similar sunshine, the brick firewall definitely seems to help. They also have a windbreak of clear plastic on two sides at the moment. This makes me wonder if I should semi-wrap Connor's one (I want airflow so would only do it on two sides). If it doesn't happen this year, it is definitely food for thought for next year. Connor and I may have a conversation tomorrow and see what he thinks.

In between various things, I have also managed to put straw on top of the potatoes. It is not something we have tried before, but after seeing how popular it is, I am keen to give it a try, especially since I find it difficult to mound in the high-raised beds. I did mound the main crops up first though. While doing this, I also noticed that our early crops are just starting to form flowers too.

A Muddy Day