A new spring, another attempt


Date:26 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Still running a little later than I was planning, but I hope I will get results this year. I decided this year that I will grow cherry tomatoes as I love eating them and they go well in salad. I have also planted other solanae - I would love to know the difference between ground cherry and Cape gooseberry. I also have sunflowers in. I have multi-sown to ensure germination as some of my seed is a little old. I ran out of seed raising mix, so will have to get more so I can continue sowing seed.

Outside I have some help from my gardener. New challenge this year. Just over a year ago I got a new dog. My old boy was great around chickens, plants and didn't dig. My new dog digs, loves the pond and destroys plants, so anything not protected is at risk. She also loves doing zoomies around the yard, which I want her to continue to be able to do. That means I need to consider protecting what I plant.

A new spring, another attempt