A Parsley Poem

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:02 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Plain old parsley how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...

Since the dawn of my gardening years I have always had at least one parsley plant growing in my garden. I would feel lost without that lush green fuzz that provides so much for so little effort.

I'm not talking about the trendy Italian/flat leaf parsley, I'm talking about good old fashioned curly parsley - the parsley you sprinkle on your shrimp cocktail or garnish your plate of club sandwiches with. This is the parsley that when you chop it turns into a magical green sprinkle that turns salads into works of art, mashed potato into a speckled pile of deliciousness and a pork chop into cordon bleu.

Several years ago many of the public road gardens in Whanganui were edged with parsley, they looked amazing and I hope people picked the odd sprig to take home to garnish their dinner. 

Parsley is high in vitamins A, C and K, apparently if you chew it after eating garlic it freshens your breath and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. To be honest I just love the flavour and love the way it looks so it will always have a place in my garden.

The parsley in the photo has been going strong next to the silverbeet in our vegie garden all winter. I also have it in the herb garden just outside of the kitchen so I can snip some no matter what the weather.

A Parsley Poem