A Slower Pace

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:22 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Waking up this morning I started to doubt my wisdom with leaving my seedlings out on their own last night. It was pouring with rain, and a bit cooler than the 11 degrees overnight that was forecasted. Slowly, as the day progressed, the clouds dissipated, and we now are graced with a more typical northland spring evening. Clear skies, and no wind. How I have missed having windows and doors still open at 7 pm.

Generally speaking, today was more relaxed around here which was nice. My eldest was working on an art piece, and my youngest was alternating between playing his guitar and jumping on the trampoline. With the boys occupied, for the most part, I could potter at my leisure. After such a hectic time in the gardens over the holidays, today I was reminded why I love the garden. In between a few tasks, I actually enjoyed just wandering around, and enjoying the progress. I even had a piwakawaka joining me, so we filled up the bird feeders that hang from the plum tree.

Keeping in mind the cost of vegetables at the moment, I grabbed a few more buckets out of storage and put in three more bucket potatoes. Then after stripping the Romanesco bed (with the exception of the one remaining broccoli), I put in 3 rows of early potatoes. I will wait until later in the week, when the broccoli is ready, before planting out 2 more rows (these will be later potatoes). I also pulled out the radishes that had bolted in the last few weeks, out of the other two beds. I left the Japanese Turnips in place. Over the past week, we discovered that one of those mashed in with some potatoes is actually quite nice. These beds are now almost ready to receive the tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, and a few salad ingredients. 

While grabbing the buckets for the potatoes, I also grabbed a couple more buckets that have not been used in years (I think I use to grow upside-down tomatoes in them). I have now planted a few lettuces, and chives in them. I will also pop some spring onions and some parsley and basil in them over the weekend. After moving the table into the BBQ area, I am faced with the vast empty space, which I am slowly filling with plants. 

Tomorrow is looking not too bad, so we are going to take a break from everything that has been happening recently, and head out on the boat as a family, and hopefully catch a few fish. 

A Slower Pace