A space for Curcubits, they need their space.!


Date:22 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

This year I am trying to be a little more clever with Curcubits. Space is a problem so vertical is possibly the solution. Gem Squash, Butternut and Zucchini are the goal.

Butternut is the easier one, it will surround my corn. Butterscotch is a small vine with smaller fruit that should be the solution. As it is a hybrid, so seed saving here so and being a moschata, it will not cross pollenate with my Gem Squash.

Zuchinni is going vertical up posts. These are also Hybrid with exception of cocozelle. I have a mix of 2 green, 1 yellow and 1 yellow scallopini to see which is going to be the best option. The neighbour hopefully like zucchini 😊.

Gem squash is going up a wall being the corn, this will be a challange as it wil not be easily accessable to hand pollenate isolated flowers to save seed from as this as well as the Zucchini are all pepo, so cross pollenation is very likely due to the abundance of bumble bees that love the big yellow flowers.

White and green cucumbers are in the mix too. 

A space for Curcubits, they need their space.!