A Sunny Afternoon

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:15 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Whanganui turned it on this afternoon. Blue skies, sunshine, a very light soueasterley breeze and 24 degrees.

I got home from work just after lunch and got straight out into the garden.

First up was a bit of a weed in the vegie patches. We have used our own compost in much of the garden and I had noticed over the past week hundreds of little tomato plants growing between my vegies. As tempting as it may be to transplant we don't have room for more tomatoes (whatever they may be) so out they came.

Weeding the stones in the paths of our vegie patch is also a big job at this time of year. Although there is polythene under the stones it is surprising how much soil gets deposited in there and how many little weeds decide to make it their home! 

I then made the decision to start removing the broad beans. There are probably a few more still to come but we really need their space for our kumara so they have to go. Much of the afternoon was spent standing next to the compost clipping the vines into compostable small pieces and saving the ripe beans. I had a bucket and a half by five this evening and there will be more tomorrow.

Like all of you the joy of spending a little time out in the garden at this time of the year is noticing how fast things are growing. Our three crown pumpkins are putting out shoots which seem to grow by the hour. It will be interesting to see how we go keeping them to this small space!

A Sunny Afternoon