A Touch of Colour

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:05 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

While this morning the spring clean inside started with my youngest's room (I do one room a week, so the time I get to Christmas, the house is sorted), the afternoon was spent supervising Connor getting a few more seedlings into his garden; watering; and staining one of the chairs outside (tomorrow, I will do the other one). 

Connor moved the volunteer sunflowers, planted out some of his  beetroot, sowed some more carrots, and put his tomatoes into the garden. He put 8 into the main bed, with room for one more when it gets bigger (the long awaited for Indigo Fireball that has, unfortunately, been struggling). He put in White Beauty, a mid yellow, Indigo Rose, and Aunt Gertie's Golden Delicious.  In his buckets he has a yellow pear, and an orange pear. He is waiting for Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato and his Black Cherry to get a big bigger before putting them in. 

I also pulled the last of our Romanesco out, and put the last two rows of potatoes in (Nadine). I had meant to do it a few days ago, but never quite got there.

Now that Connor's gardens are almost all sorted, and the potatoes are done, I need to start looking at getting the last two beds ready. This will involve moving the tomato frame across one bed. Despite the slow start, we are perhaps only a couple of weeks away from being completely planted out. 

In between the rain this week, we have had some very warm days. As a result, the garden is starting to come alive. Looking at everything today, we are perhaps only a few days away from many of the flowers coming to life. We even have our first strawberries starting to form, this is, despite having only moved them three weeks ago. The obviously like their new location. 

A Touch of Colour