A Wee Bit Wet Once Again

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:07 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Sitting here watching the wind blow the neighbour’s tree sideways, and hearing the wind blow, I will admit there is definitely some anxiety. The rain has been consistent but not overly heavy today up until this point, but the wind is definitely picking up. Going by what I saw when I came home, I do however, suspect it has been relatively strong here all day.

Hubby had left the towels on the line from the weekend, and I wasn’t fast enough to remove them. They were all over the ground. That was not necessary a bad thing, as I possibly wouldn’t have gone outside that part of the house otherwise. While rehanging them in the carport, I noticed the plastic had been ripped off one and a half sides of the tomato frame; the potatoes were bent over; the beans off their support; and tomato buckets tipped over. A sure sign the wind has been whipping through here.

The plastic has been resecured, and the tomato buckets wedged between the garden and some potted flowers. The tomato grow frame protected them from any damage. Instead of risking stems being broken, I have left the potatoes and beans alone. They will no doubt right themselves once this wind has gone. To this point we have had no causalities. With all the staking last week, everything looks relatively secure (for the time being that is).

On a positive, our new worm farm that was through an initiative at school arrived (for hubby) today. Connor helped me assemble it. It even came complete with some more worms. We currently have it sitting in the porch area. Once the weather has improved we will put it alongside the other one. It does mean moving a few other things around first though. 

A Wee Bit Wet Once Again