About new friends and new source of fertiliser

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:09 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It’s been a super busy weekend, but a real highlight has been having my chickens around. Now that they are used to their coop they are aloud to walk about freely in the backyard after lunch. They tend to use this opportunity for some dust bathing (pictured). 

These three ladies are a new addition to our backyard, we got them during winter. I grew up with lots of chickens and was keen for us to get some for a while. Without further ado:

Miranda – Rhode Island Red, she is the tall red one and is known around my urban neighbourhood. When we first got the chooks, she once escaped, and I had to climb over fences through 3 different backyards to catch her. She scared the neighbour’s dog because she is rather unusually large. When I caught her, she pecked my face, which is fair enough.

Lyalka – Buff Sussex, she is the cheeky yellow one. She is my favourite.

Barnie – Barnevelder, she is the smallest of the three and has lovely, unusual feathering. She was the most timid at first, but is now the one most comfortable with us (and with stealing our food when we do a bbq).

Would love to hear about other people’s garden buddies/pets :)


About new friends and new source of fertiliser