All in the Photos

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:24 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Over the past few weeks, I have had a number of past photos of my garden pop up on my timeline on Facebook. The first few made me feel a bit despondent about the garden. Then yesterday, a photo from two years ago popped up, and things were actually not as dissimilar then. It is funny how we forget. I definitely feel more reassured now.

Despite the wet weather, the last few days I have been joined by my varying members on my morning and evening wanders. This morning Connor popped out, and after a discussion about how to get more strawberries, he got out the watering can out and gave them a feed. I am loving the fact that he is quite confident with grabbing what he needs and measuring things out. Apparently, this weekend he is cleaning the rabbit cages and adding that to them as well. He is starting to talk about hot and cold compost which is really cool to hear. Then apparently after that, he is helping hubby to get the edging sorted for the raspberries to spread out (this might actually be my key to getting a few jobs done around here). Get Connor to work with dad.

This evening, after we drained more water from the frog enclosure; watched the cat chase the water stream; and caught a few flies Zac and hubby joined me for a quick wander around the garden. I am not fooling myself into thinking that it is the company they are after. I know it is about the fear of mum getting to the berries first. 

Pic - this is of the mint herb garden that was shifted at the end of September. The growth is phenomenal. The mints (normal, choco mint, and lemon balm) were all in pots, that in the middle of summer were struggling - especially when we weren't home. This is one of the strawberry planters (slightly smaller than the other two, that we shifted from the BBQ area). I am also loving the buckets at the front that contain a few lettuces, and a few other goodies. Even hubby is using them. Having a few quick things at the back door was definitely worth the effort.

All in the Photos