All's well that ends well!


Date:28 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

The potatoes that are in the washing baskets were moved a little to the left when I added my tomato buckets. This did change the amount of sun they had by about an hour a day, just for a few weeks. They did not like it. Not 1 bit and started to sulk a bit. So I moved them to a better spot and they continued but were a bit sulky. Over the weekend they really started to look a bit sad. So not to take any chances they came out today.

Now to full in the details, these were planted in early September. In 25l washing baskets in compost and leaf mould. They were just sprouted store bought ones and an experiment. They were well watered and looked after. There were inca gold and vivaldi.

Looking at the foliage that was quite good in the first of its life, they grew well, but no flowers. Due to the slow cold start, and unknown days, also I know inca gold grow during late summer for winter harvest, so out of season and ghe fact I had no flowers at all, I fugured it was not going to be a great result.

Unearthing them, after cutting and getting rid of the foliage, I found the soil vlcompost and leaf mould had turn into a very nice growing soil, and there were so many earthworms!

Anyway we have potatoes for dinner for the next few evenings😂. Not a bad haul for what was effectively making more conpost!

The top variety is vivaldi and the bottom inca gold. 

All's well that ends well!