Almost Jalapeño Popper time!


Date:19 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Capsicum annum, Jalapeño is perfect for poppers, hence the name Jalapeño Poppers. The plants are getting on with the fruiting stage now, and early too. Good size peppers are forming and are a nice dark green, they will get darker closer to ripening and then when the corking starts, (the lines on the peppers that are so significant on Jalapeño) we start to pick them. The lunch box sweet peppers should hopefully be ready at the same time, in there green form. 

Other chillies are doing well too, marconi red and yellow are fruiting, a few small ones, but still early. Serrano, shishito are in flower. The roccoto also open its first vibrant purple flower today. 

At this rate maybe we can have bacon wrapped poppers for a Christmas eve BBQ. 

Almost Jalapeño Popper time!