And now for the flowers

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:23 Jan 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

There was always going to be curves in our new garden. The vege patch took prime position so the long back fence was perfect, east facing but getting a good mix of sun and shade. It's quite a long narrow area so the curves gave it a bit of personality.... well, that's what I think.

I used a very scientific and high tech form of garden design equipment to lay out the border. It's called a hose.

As soon as our move was confirmed I started potting up treasures from our old garden. There was a big list of "must takes". I had been nurturing a hosta garden for about 7 years, so they had to come with me. I did divide them though so the new owner of our old place still got to enjoy a great display.
There were a few sentimental plants as well. The rose "My Mum" which Mum and I bought together a few years ago, a couple of other roses, a fuschia she had given me as a cutting and most importantly of all the bulb from a Christmas Lily.
The patches on the lawn are where Super Husband has removed the dreaded Cape Daisy. He has been waging war on these horrible weeds since we arrived and he is definitely winning.
And now for the flowers