And the zuchinni season starts...


Date:04 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

The vertical zuchinni is going well. Cocozelle is the fastest option. Though it likes to branch, so a cage is the best option, and luckely this was how this one was planned. I did not know that it would be so inclined to branch. Cocozelle is the stripey one in the photo.

The other is Black coral F1. It stays as a singular plant. Easy and is the plain one in the photo.

Gold rush the fruit are young, as weel as the scallopini. 1 scallopini has 2 posts, I will add a photo in the comments as this seems to be the second best option for vertical growing. Easy to place, strong enough, though plants are young and small so still time to prove me wrong, and the cheapest option. The cage and post is the strongest and definatley easy, but overkill unless you are growing something vigorous.

The one I so wish I had tried was Yates Partenon, which has self fertile flowers. 

If you are looking at Zuccheta Tromboncino, remember this is a climber, not suitable for a post. I frame will be a beter option. 

And the zuchinni season starts...