Another job bites the dust


Date:11 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Another stunning day we had here, please keep this up Spring! And another day spent in my happy place.

Most years I sow seeds for a good friend, I look after them for her until it's time for them to be planted. Her lettuce seeds were in desperate need of fresh soil and more room, so I spent a good while pricking them out, which I actually quite enjoy. As you will all know far too well, she will have enough lettuce plants to share with her family, friends and half the neighborhood, as I still haven't mastered sowing lettuce seed thinly!

I also managed to give my  greenhouse/potting up shed/shed/seedling nursery a jolly good tidy. Unfortunely it's never going to look at beautiful and tidy as the ones I've seen on here lately, as I don't have anywhere else for storage of my tools, but none the less I love it! It has everything I need right there, with the bonus of having grapes to snack on in summer!

I hope you all got to enjoy some time in your happy places this weekend 😊 

Another job bites the dust