Another perspective.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:25 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I'm lucky enough to have 4 days off work this week which coincided nicely with the long weekend. We had a lovely fine Labour weekend which we spent most of outside in the garden and painting our fences.

This morning it was a little cool and quite overcast when I ventured out into the garden just before 9, but I was not to be deterred from my determination to get out there and get some more seedlings into the soil.

Today I used some of our ready-to-be-dug-out compost to prep the soil for my new plantings. I then planted out dwarf green and gold beans, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers, sunflowers, capsicums and chillies. I washed and disinfected all the pots they had been grown in and stored them away in my girl shed. I fed my flower and vegie gardens with around 18 watering cans of Yates Thrive - that's a good work out for my right arm - and potted on 4 more sweet 100 cherry tomatoes.

Yesterday was a photo of our vegie garden from further down, todays photo you can see beyond the broad beans to other plantings. In front of the broad beans are beetroot, lettuce and carrots (all have been rudely disrupted by our cats at some point). To the right are our strawberries and in the far right garden dwarf beans, zucchini in front, lebanese cucumber behind in the pot shelters, silverbeet and rhubarb. Behind the metal barrier are our yams and behind them in the corner is our beautiful espaliered Belle de Boskoop apple. Just in front of her is a delightful yellow aquilegia (Granny Bonnet).

Another perspective.