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Gardener:The flower lady

Date:26 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

In my favourite gardens there's an element of mystery and wonder , you meander rather than rush though , incorporating so many elements all while keeping it cohesive.

So as I'm evolving as a gardener I keep these things in mind I'm constantly adding changing and learning , for me it's a passion a way of life and supplements my family's income , no way could I survive on it but it fits my lifestyle to be my own boss as on occasion I need to just rest and I'm learning to adapt to that to , including weekly massages to keep my calf muscles long so I deal with less pain . 

We popped into town so of course popped in to mega I grabbed white petunias and red portulaka , a string of turtles jumped in my trolly a good size for only $20 , we also bought more seaweed fertiliser another bargain big bottle of tūīs which I havnt used before but for $15 I have to give it a go , grabbed another bottle of our fave Yates one to . 

Pic of our rose garden I'm finally making progress , they are a bit needy but I love them . 

Around every corner .