Autumn garden


Date:23 Mar 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Here's how some of my gardens are looking at the moment. It's really hard to get a picture of the big garden, so I've taken two photos at different ends. 

In the big garden there is a mixture of summer crops and some new plantings for autumn. The beans are almost done, but still getting plenty of Kamo Kamo and a few decent sized pumpkins that self seeded from the compost. Free plants are awesome! My courgettes really didn't take off this season, didn't get the glut like normal, but still got a couple every few days. This bed needs some love, I have decided I won't be planting anything new in here, and will put a green crop in, plus then some fresh compost before spring planting. If I was to start this bed again I wouldn't make it one big one I'll split it up into 4/5 beds and I wouldn't of used any topsoil. The soil is getting pretty compacted :( But I guess that can be changed at some point too.

My newest bed on left (bottom right photo) I am really happy with the size and it's performance. Lovely fresh new soil and compost does do wonders! We are eating plenty out of it every day.

I was a bit naughty in the bed on the right of that photo and have not practiced crop rotation in parts. I have replanted some brassicas in the same spot, as in true Stacey fashion I had too many seedlings and it was the only spot left.

I am super proud of myself, from reading some of your blogs last spring challenge I have tried to leave one plant of each to go to seed. And in that bed I've left a broccoli plant. Go me!

My next post I'll try and remember to show the two tunnels and the other two beds. 

Autumn garden