Back Garden Complete

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:26 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

With everyone up relatively early today, Connor and I decided to get a few things tackled in his garden. The school home garden judges visit his garden next weekend, and with BMX tomorrow, and swimming sports on Tuesday, today was really his last opportunity to tackle big tasks. 

Jobs tackled:

The remaining bark was put on the walkways (Connor did that part all himself).

Deadheading flowers - this was a new experience for Connor. He quite enjoyed it. Weeding - perhaps not his favourite task.

Staking the sunflowers. We don't always stake these, but with all the wind recently, it will safeguard them somewhat.

Planting seedlings - we had a few beetroot left, and another 6 cell of lettuce ready to go out, so he popped them in a few gaps.

Mulching - Connor topped up his onions and corn, and then added them to the potato grow bags, and the pumpkins. 

We also put bases on the tomatoes and the flower pots. 

The growth in this garden in some parts of this garden is phenomenal. Very soon though, we will have to start thinking about what to put in when the onions come out, and what could go where the sweet peas when they are finished. It will be most likely salad crops.

My mum arrived partway through, so I left Connor to it. Once he was finished tidying up his garden, he decided he wanted to give everything a liquid feed. He couldn't decide which Thrive Natural range to use so he used a capful of each of the two. Problem solved I guess.

I had hoped to get back into the garden myself a bit later, but by the time the cleaning and baking was done, the rain had set in (yet again). If I am lucky, I may be able to get a couple of jobs in this evening if it eases for long enough. The main bit I want to tackle is the potatoes. The main crop are through, and I was wanting to mound them up slightly, and then put some straw over both them and the early crop (I think Connor saved me one lot). 

Back Garden Complete