Bean Great

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:27 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Last year, I was put on a restricted diet while I was awaiting surgery. No fat. No dairy. As a result, I ended up learning how to cook more vegetarian meals, and we now eat things that I never thought I would like. While I now have my gallbladder removed, I still have a few foods that don’t agree with me. When this happens, I resort back to the safety of vegetarian, no fat meals.

Yesterday, with the house to myself in the afternoon for a few hours, I ventured into making Falafels for the first time. With no children home for dinner (my youngest was at a birthday party), I thought it was a safe time. If they didn’t work – no one would be any wiser. It was a win. I loved them. So did my youngest who discovered them when he came home and polished off half a dozen while my bag was turned. My husband greeted them with his usual suspicion when faced with non-meat options.

Today after work, I sat with my youngest and podded another bag and a half and made up two more batches which I have put uncooked into the freezer. They were also a great way to use up a bit of spinach from the garden. The lemons, and the parsley I grabbed from my mum's on the way home. The plan is to use the falafels with wraps and a bit of hummus for lunches over the weekends. I still have one more bag full of unshelled beans which I have been asked to make broad bean dip out of. Next year, if these falafels freeze well, I will definitely be planting more broad beans. 

The beetroot that was picked over the weekend, has also been preserved. Admittedly, I didn't worry about sterilising jars. This lot went straight into the fridge into our special Tupperware containers. We tend to go through beetroot quite quickly so often put it straight into the fridge. Like lettuce, carrots and spring onions, beetroot is often a staple in our garden through all seasons.

Bean Great