Bearded Iris

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:06 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Our bearded Iris have begun , we have a fabulous selection that my Dad had collected for years , I have added a couple over the years , so many gorgeous colours they bring so much joy . 

I seem to have had a pumpkin fail trying out peat pots for them but after 10 ish days nothing so I sowed more today . 
I also have only had one corn seed germinate on the heat pad in a tray so I have sown more of those to and left both in the green house .

I potted on my 4 chilies that I grew from a chilie my sister gave me last year . 
and 3 eggplants to . 
I hoed some weeds or as Levina said germinate to terminate, great saying . 

And I also put a tray of standard courgettes in that sounds crazy I'm sure but we feed to the pigs , chickens , cows and sheep so excess is great . 
And Jamison and I have talked Scotty into helping with our back door paving idea and he's gonna lend a hand , mostly just getting the pavers level when they go back down . 

Bearded Iris