Beating the Rain


Date:26 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Yesterday morning before the rain set in (which is meant to be with us on and off for the next 10 days going by the forecast), I direct sowed some seeds. 

I done another row of carrots mixed with radish seed which I learnt from here, many of you do it so thanks to those who have shared that trick! The theory is; you don't have to thin out the carrot seed as much,  since radishes are fast growers they are ready to harvest way before the carrots, then it leaves room for the carrots to grow big (hopefully).

I also direct sowed rainbow silverbeet, spring onions, beetroot and spinach. The light rain we've been having will help those come along by keeping them damp.

I also sowed some more bean and pea seeds in punnets, I find I have better success than sowing those direct.

I've just been outside to check on everything, the tomatoes and cucumbers in the tunnel house are not liking this colder spell, but I think they will be okay, and it's meant to get warmer again even with the rain.

Beating the Rain