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Gardener:The flower lady

Date:08 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

I love living in a small town , our kids easily learn to be inclusive and being helpful is just what we do . 
prep was having some trouble getting a pesky root out of the way before they lay some new paving edges so I grabbed my wee chainsaw and the axes and sorted that wee problem . 
we also helped moved some soil from the back round to the strawberry bed that they have completely over hauled , I also dug out some wayward runners to donate , Jamison especially loved pulling the barrow of soil . 
I also gave some pots away and in return was given some homemade pickles which was a lovely surprise .

I also thought I would touch on a couple of benificial weeds 

first minors lettuce , it's delicious both raw or cooked is high in vitamin C and us a fab antioxidant amount many other great properties. it grows all though winter and let's you know when the soil is warm enough to plant your summer vege as it will die down when the soil warms up . 

secondly is stinging nettle , also high in vitamin c an antioxidant and blood cleanser plus helps keep a healthy heart . 

A great friend and amazing chef recently introduced me to salsaverde which is basically greens blitzed in olive oil with garlic and any other herbs for taste delicious mixed though pasta or topped on your fav egg dish or mixed though scrambled eggs . 

Best little community