Big efforts

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:12 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Since our chickens are to lucky for their own good and free range after we discovered the old coop is not rodent proof so not safe , and I'm sure I read a post that gave me the motivation to transform the old abandoned over grown mess of a coop into a pumpkin growing space safe from the chickens , the soil although it was very dry it should be full of goodness . 

I started by harvesting the poppies that were at a prime seed head faze to dry and take to market or use in arrangements over winter . 

then I got to work weeding , no small job at all , I have piled all the weeds up to compost I'm still to add other components but I will get there . 

Next a good water before lunch and then hubby got the rotary hoe out and woohoo it's raining now so that's a massive bonus . Tomorrow I will plant . 

It feels fantastic to have somewhere to put all those pumpkins. 

Big efforts