Bit of progress

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:25 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I think I’m a bit behind the schedule this year, I’ve only just planted my cucurbits and most of my tomatoes refuse to come up. I already had some peas this time last year, but this year a fence fell on my overwintered peas (the idea was that peas will climb up all along the fence; the fence, clearly, had a different idea :D). New peas are not quite flowering yet.

Autumn-sown broad beans are probably the star of the show at the moment. I’ve planted them as a semi crop/semi cover crop where tomatoes grow, but this year I’ve spaced them better. I also used a lot of grass clippings as mulch – as a result I don’t have the chocolate spot which was plaguing them last year.

Put in a lot of digging and weeding effort this week. The cat helped, as you can see, by warming the soil and by sleeping on high-traffic walkways. Still so much to do before the cucurbits and tomatoes go in. For once am glad to be living down South because I will definitely need those extra two weeks to finish!

Bit of progress