Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:01 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Does anyone else here scan the internet for new things to try, new ways of planting, novel ideas for spicing up your garden?

A couple of years ago I saw a really cool picture of a very large jug lying on it's side in a garden full of blue lobelia. Apparently pouring out of it's spout was a stream of white lobelia that looked like froth. I just loved it. When one of my grandkids (who I will not tell on) accidentally broke a large ornamental jug I had inside It thought it was the perfect opportunity to put it out in the garden and give the "frothy white lobelia in a sea of blue" a go. I planted it up and was so excited waiting to see the result.

Birds dug out half of my blue plants, most of the white lobelia wilted and died and the end result was a broken pot in the middle of a small garden of patchy blue and white mess!

The following year I saw a great picture of flourishing cherry tomatoes planted into the seats of old jeans that were sitting on a shelf... they looked like cute little behinds and I was inspired. So it was off to the local hospice shop to buy three old pairs of jeans which I cut the legs off and sowed up. I filled them with potting mix and planted my cherry tomatoes and placed them on one of the ladders SH has made me.

They looked great for a week, cute little denim bums with a healthy little plant growing out of the top. After two weeks, despite feeding and constant watering they weren't looking great and two months down the track the jeans were mouldy and the tomatoes weedy and unproductive.

Despite these abject failures I am sure I will find another novel idea to inspire me and, who knows, maybe the next one will actually work!!