Date:04 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

It seems my garden has become used to the constant drenching!

When the sun does come out everything has a droop.


Most of my autumn planted brassicas went to seed quite quickly this year.

I was hoping the “Cavallo Nero” kale would see me through spring – but the flowers are starting to emerge. I have just noticed the first florets of purple sprouting broccoli though… I thought they were never going to flower!


My best brassica successes this winter were broccolini and brussels sprouts

I had no idea they were so easy to grow! 

I must admit to buying seedlings, as the seed I started in autumn all went very leggy.  It would have been better to plant 1 broccolini a week to spread the harvest. Most of it went to seed before we could eat it, and instead fed the bees over winter, which is not such a bad outcome.


There is still a bit of eating in here. I need to menu plan to eat this bed out, so I can get a quick green crop of lupins through it before the zucchini needs to go in in November/December.


Great to see everyone’s sunny pics today