Bridal Arch

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:29 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

I feel like I need a wedding in our garden right about now. Our arch of Yates "Brilliant Fragrance" white sweet peas have reached their peak and are flowering like there is no tomorrow.

I have forgiven them for my bee sting (actually never really blamed them, it was my fault), and I have just been loving them for their beauty and the fact that every time I walk outside onto our deck I can inhale their gorgeous aroma.

I can't keep up with picking them because they are flowering too high up and I know that within the next few weeks they will start to die off and will need to be assigned to the compost within a month.

But they have given us a great deal of joy, they have fed a lot of bee's, they have made our lounge, dining room and the "smallest room in the house" smell delicious for the past month or so and they have evoked memories of loved gardeners from my past. 

Until next year my friendsđź’–


Bridal Arch