Brutally honest

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:18 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

I have to admit I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed this season.  

The year has thrown a lot of curve balls and I know there are lots of great positives but I have not managed to get anything to market yet , things are just developing at strange intervals, some seedlings are very slow and I can't help thinking I need to make some big changes in order to make things easier to look after , wider paths to prep for a ride on mower , more areas that are designed to just sit and enjoy . 

I was out with the lawn mower again this morning 5 catches worth so far .

The weed spraying I did around the house is taking hold so I am beginning to feel better about things slowly , but if I compare last season to this one I feel I had most things under control . 

Positives our berries are better than ever .

my Kumera slips are going great guns I even started a second lot that have good roots now to . 

Great connection with the perfumery . 

I am very pleased I pulled back from garden tours as I would be a stressed mess . 

pic of the flower field , how I wish I could afford some help this season .

Brutally honest