Change of Plans


Date:30 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I had planned on sowing more seeds yesterday after I had cleaned my windows. Half way through the windows I had no water, my initial thought was we had ran out of water. I checked the tank, still water in that, so I rang hubby and he dashed home - luckily he was in his office and not out and about. It didn't take him long to discover we had no power, and had forgotten about the planned power outage. We both had a giggle that we never thought of seeing if we had power, but to our defensive we've been having trouble with the water pump so it never crossed our minds. So no planned jobs got done as they all involved water, but I did get some cupboards cleaned out.


This morning didn't start off well either, I spend two and a half hours trying to find the elf for tomorrow that has magically disappeared, and I still haven't found it. So I've had to buy another one, which I may or may not have had to do last year as well 😅. I'm thinking they have gone back to the North Pole, seriously.


Anyway, I did get all my seeds sown today. I direct sowed some silverbeet, radishes, spinach and spring onions. The peas and lettuce I sowed in pots, as I prefer to do both that way. I also bought another couple of courgette and kamokamo seedlings, as a few of mine aren't looking too flash and I had the room. Will probably regret that later in the season.

The photo is of my biggest vege garden, there seems like a lot of spare space which will soon full up when the crawling plants take over!

Change of Plans