Christmas Potatoes


Date:05 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Over the weekend we planted the first of our seed potatoes. We've had a few different varieties chitting on the bench in egg cartons for some time now. I always aim to get some in at the beginning of September in the hope of new potatoes in time for Christmas. They're always one of Mr 7's favourites too. He makes sure we have a constant supply of fresh mint in the garden now. 

We've gone back to using grow bags this season. Last year I put potatoes in the raised veggie gardens. With having limited space I've decided they can go back to the bags though. We still do quite well out of the grow bags and it's a bit of a novelty for my 7 year old. Potatoes are still currently a relatively reasonably priced vegetable so I support our local growers market by purchasing their Agria potatoes most weeks. It's always nice to have some of your own new potatoes in the backyard come summer time though. 

We are using a quality veggie mix to grow the potatoes in and we'll feed them with a fish/seaweed liquid feed throughout the season. Has anyone else got any good tips for getting a decent yield out of potatoes in grow bags?

I've popped about five seed potatoes in each bag. Mr 7's choice was Purple Passion and I've planted Summer Beauty for a change. I've also got a couple of varieties of Maori potatoes and some Swift seed potatoes chitting. To be honest there's been nothing swift about the Swift seed potatoes when it comes to chitting. I'll leave them a little longer and see if the rest sprout though. 

Here's to lots of yummy new potatoes around Christmas time. 


Christmas Potatoes