Coding Cucumbers

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:26 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well today was an interesting day weatherwise so Haven and I took the opportunity to repot our cucumbers.  We love cucumbers and have 4 varieties growing this year.

All of them needed a little more root space and the garden is not ready yet so it was time to get them into bigger bags. I'm terrible at labeling things and last year we discovered paint markers from Kmart.  These have been a lifesaver.

Haven and I have colour coded the different varieties. Pretty simple really. Variety written in the colour on a chart and the bags marked with the colour.  A lot quicker than writing on each bag. Now I should know which is which. 

After bagging them up, each bag had a good soak in Yates seaweed tonic. I have given up watering from the top with bags and pots and now I use a soak method. I found watering from the top often left the bottom of the pot dry and did not encourage deep roots. By filling a bucket with water or a fertilizer solution, you can soak the pot and ensure all soil gets some water.  Its also a good way of making fertilizer go further as there is no wastage. You end watering less too which is a win in my books.  I only dip the pot to just below the top and wait for the water to rise up (don't recommend dunking the entire plant).


Coding Cucumbers