Compost time.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:20 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I am officially on leave.

The media company I work for has a certain knock off and start up point each year and for me this means nearly four weeks off work.

As you can imagine that is heaven for me. Time to spend with family, friends, my wonderful SH and, of course, time in the garden.

SH is working until Thursday this week so I have been filling the past few days with much needed weeding and preening in both the flower and vegetable garden. Unfortunately like much of the country we have had a lot of rain, a few thunderstorms and very warm temperatures.

The vegie garden was in dire need of some TLC. Lettuces that were past their "use-by", overgrown silverbeet and rhubarb, chives that needed trimming if I'm to get a second flush and a general weeding.

The flower garden is also looking a little the worse for wear. Roses that needed dead-heading, petunias devastated by heavy rain and edges that were seriously shabby and doing my head in!!

Most of this has been put to rights over the past two days. In between showers and the odd thunderstorm I have got out there and weeded and trimmed and dead-headed. 

We now have a very full compost. These are the two bins SH built for me a few years ago. We don't have enough room for three bins (which are the ideal) but these have worked really well. We have one going and the other is lying fallow under cover of the lid until the compost is ready.

I use shredded newspaper between layers of vegetation, sprinkle regularly with lime, and water when it's dry. 

As you can see SH has made hinged lids - when I am potting up plants or planting seedlings the whole area is an awesome outside bench for me.

In case you were wondering the fish on the fence is a sheetmetal silhouette of a snapper SH caught a few years ago that he was very proud of.... so proud he immortalised it in metal!



Compost time.