Convenient Compost Delivery

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:24 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

The sun is shining; the roof was finished yesterday; and the scaffolding is meant to be going tomorrow; one child finished winter sports this morning; my own finals are in a couple of hours; and the last of the birthday events is tomorrow. And coincidentally 8 bags of compost got delivered to my doorstep while we were at hockey last night.

While we actually have our own compost (4 bins to be precise, and a bokashi system), I am very big on helping supporting fundraising activities. Connor's year group at school is currently selling compost for fundraising for their camp for next term. Perfect timing for us. Just in time for the long weekend.

We are planning on using  the compost for our bucket for the tomatoes and for a few other projects. I find, that in order for the tomatoes to retain enough moisture, and for the buckets not to dry out too quickly, that a good mix of compost is vital.  A base for the buckets is also a good idea – especially during the height of summer as they can dry out quickly. 

Normally our bucket tomatoes go in our bbq area, but this year, we are redesigning the area slightly. This means the bucket tomatoes, and the kids strawberry beds are being evicted. 

The plan at this stage is to place the buckets down the back in the kids area. To the side of their gardens, is an area that we called ‘the nature friendly garden’. It was actually a garden space created a number of years ago to avoid a certain child digging holes in the back lawn while I was gardening. It was once adorned with bug hotels, lizard lounges, a frog enclosure, tyre gardens, gnome houses, noughts and crosses on logs, a car track and a sandpit. The bug hotel eventually fell to bits. The car track was attacked by hubby and I during the first lockdown after we got bored and decided to use it for edging elsewhere. The tyre gardens still exist, but it currently have cyclamens as the boys wanted something different.  They also have orchids, and a few spring bulbs, a mountain paw paw and a blue berry (that was found in the guttering of our carport (love discoveries like that). Connor has also put a lot of flowers in pots and a few ornaments around the spot. He is quite keen this year to fill the space with additional pots/buckets of vegetables. The sandpit that the boys once played in, will house the kumara over the summer. And the diggers that were used to put holes in my lawn. Well they actually still remain in a small corner. From year to year things change in there - but one thing remains. The boys still claim it as theirs.

Convenient Compost Delivery