Creepy Beans

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:25 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I feel like I am always moaning about the weather. We've had so much rain and now the wind is causing havoc in the garden.

My newly planted kumara haven't keeled over, but neither have they flourished - the wind is sucking the life out of the leaves, I just hope they survive.

My sweet peas are a bit battered and beaten, the potatoes have collapsed from the westerly onslaught and my flower garden - roses, foxgloves, aquilegia and any other plant that has the audacity to be tall are all bent and broken.

But one vegetable that is holding a middle finger up to the elements is our beans. Kentucky pole climbers and a few purples are climbing up their arch and growing like crazy. They look intent on proving they can withstand our current horrible winds and, you know what? I believe them.

The other intrepid crops still holding up against the gales are our corn, chillies/capsicums, peas, courgette, cucumber and onions.

So maybe all is not lost and maybe I should stop my moaning. Yes, good idea Sue... be thankful for what is still growing 😊

Creepy Beans