Cursed Carrots

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:23 Mar 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I'm really not sure why I bothered!

We live only an hour away from the Carrot Capital of NZ - Ohakune where carrots are cheap, fresh, crisp and delicious. But this year I thought I'd have another go at growing my own.

I did love the idea of their gorgeous feathery heads in my vegie garden to look good for the garden amble we were a part of and they actually did look really attractive.

But underneath.... a different story! I think the soil was too rich, too compacted and just not right for these wonderful golden root vegies that are a staple in the vegetable drawer of my fridge.

Please don't laugh! I tried... and obviously failed. I won't try again. This is one vegie that has beaten me and I will continue to look slightly north to Ohakune for our fix of this magic "see in the dark" foodstuff.

Cursed Carrots