Day for lawns and a few little tasks.


Date:03 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Training tomatoes, cuttting laterals and pruning leaves seems to be a daily task or even more than that, as every time I look there is on I have missed or a new on starting.

The toilet roll carrots are looking good. Still need to fatten them up, I will pull one next weekend so I can we can see if they are straight.

As the weather is good I mowed the lawns, but then the neighbours didn't match so theirs got mowed too! They have recently moved in and met them for the first time today. The people over the road are away so I mowed that, along with the next house as the following house was mowed and all ours made theirs look long, so I hope they don't mind😂

 Day for lawns and a few little tasks.