Dealing with slugs and snails

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:20 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We went to see Ursula Carlson last night and it was awesome, we got back late and I was still buzzing it was raining a little and I decided it was the perfect time to have a wee hunt so out I went with the head torch , I found and destroyed around 30 snails and 10 slugs of all different sizes well worth the hunt . I always put snail bait down with freshly planted seedlings and after 13 snails amoung those I knew there were more . 

I used my new sprayer with orchard food on my roses only because I have it and don't have orchards so I figured why not , hopefully that wasn't a mistake. 

I also got 3 more unknown tomatoes in that I picked up from an op shop the other day .

The biggest achievement of the day though was getting the kombi and Truck in the shed , we're nearly ready to give them some love and our drive way looks  much less like a car yard now . 

Toms and gherkins are forming , raspberries are ripening and my second lot of cucumbers and my watermelons are doing well .


Sweet peas are reaching for the sky .

Dealing with slugs and snails