Done and Dusted

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:10 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Credit to the builders working around here. They start early. After many hurdles, the post is replaced. And with all hands on deck today, the strawberry planter was repositioned, filled, and replanted not long after lunch.  Ironically, we are now wishing for rain to help clean up the remainder of our mess.

While the builders were sorting things out on that side of the house, I took the opportunity to potter around and get a few more minor tasks done. 

With the first lot of dahlias starting to break through, stakes have now been put in place. Finding enough of our stakes to support plants is a little bit more difficult this year than it has been in the past. While I encourage creativity with my boys, this one was one for the books. Many of my stakes were actually repurposed by my youngest last year to make a soccer goal, and a high jump. At the time,  I was torn between being impressed by his ingenuity, and being frustrated by what he had used. He was so impressed with his creations, I decided to roll with it, and even provided him with a net and helped him thread it through, but now I am dealing with all sorts of random off-cuts. The soccer goal even had ends that went into the ground so that the goal didn't fall over when he kicked the ball.  The high jump had little parts that were attached with dad's cable ties so that the bar could fall off. 

With seedlings at all different stages, I also had a reshuffle with containers, and gave the more mature seedlings a feed with Yates Thrive. The corn and sunflowers are almost all through, but needed a deeper container. The ones that haven't come up yet, are now shifted to a slightly warmer spot in the porch area to try and mitigate this cold weather. We've also swung the main container around so that the cold wind is not coming in the little door. I resowed a few seeds that haven't come up, and also sowed a few more new seeds. This time, I put in some basilnasturtiums (well  I think they are - it was in a jar of saved seeds that I hadn't labeled); seeds from my                 uncle's pumpkin; and borlotti beans (or lolly beans as my now 12 year old use to call them). I also directly sowed some coriander into one of the herb beds.

Now it is a matter of sitting back and tending to the seedlings, and gradually prepping spaces as seedlings are ready. 

Done and Dusted