Eager seeds

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:13 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Yesterday I cut an apple up for Jamison and inside the seeds had sprouted , I suggested we plant them to which Jamison agreed , how could I not they clearly want to become trees , it will be years before they fruit but the apple was yum , no idea what kind but I'm ok with that . 
I also got some lemon seeds planted from a lemon tree at prep that does so well , and it's Jamison's last day at prep tomorrow so it will be nice to have these wee babies as a nice reminder of a wonderful last couple of years , hopefully they do well and I can gift one to his school . 
I also got more cucumbers , peppers , basil and some ordermental gourds in . 

today I planted 2 cucumbers , 2 zucchini the long variety Yates does sorry forgot it's actual name , and several dwarf beans .

I have soooo many nasturtiums popping up everywhere , prep is keen on some so I will dig some up and take in tomorrow.

Plus I mowed one section of lawn which filled the catcher 3 times so not a big space but one of the things I'm well behind on , still dreaming of a ride on mower it's high priority now as my energy fluctuates so much it's driving me insane . 

In the Flexi tunnel the stocks are growing well , the tuber roses are well and truely up and I planted out some zinnia seedlings to .

Eager seeds