Enjoyed a night in Wellington

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:16 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

It's our 7 year wedding anniversary today and we took a wee timeout for a night in Wellington , main reason was to look at an fj40 hubby wants , it's awesome and we will be back to pick it up . 
I absolutely love all the art in Wellington it has me dreaming of things we can do here some day and I'm in awe of the huge pukas we have one but it is struggling with our climate , also the public transport is fantastic and no chlorine in the water , but asides from the big chains I did not see a single garden center , looking in the wrong place perhaps , we will be going back to pick the truck up and driving back ( I can't wait ) anywhere I should check out ? 
im not use to so many people and walking on so much concrete or up and down so many stairs my shins are a tad sore today but I'm sure it was good for me . 
we went up to the botanic garden on the cable car and popped into the perfumery what a highlight and I made a connection with the owner who would love to get his hands on some of our tuber roses when the time comes , I would love them made into perfume it would be so special he did not know anyone could grow them in New Zealand. 

When we finally got home it was so pleasant to be greeted with the sweet scent of all the blossom absolutely gorgeous.

Enjoyed a night in Wellington