Everything is growing quickly


Date:01 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

The garden is growing quickly. Every day I walk around the garden and the growth is noticeable. I spent yesterday adding pea straw mulch around all the plants ready for the hot weather. It will keep the moisture around the plants, protect the plant roots from the hot sun and keep the weeds at bay. 

Flowers are starting to form on the zucchini plants so hopefully zucchini aren't too far off the menu. 

A large red cabbage is almost ready. I find that these don't get nearly as much white cabbage butterfly damage which I think is due to the colour. given the price of red cabbage in the supermarket I'm super excited for it to be ready and I can make slaw. 

Another broccoli is nearly ready and I have about five cauliflower forming. Brassicas have done really well for me this year in part due to the cooler weather. 

lettues are still going strong producing plenty of leaves for our salads.

 I always plant sunflowers in my vegetable garden although this year it's been a battle against the slugs. I have replanted them twice as almost all the first plants were eaten by the slugs. 
They bring in so many bees when they flower and then I leave them so the bird's can feast on the seeds in autumn. 

This is the time that the garden starts to chug along with not so much work from me. I just have to remember to keep sowing seeds so that when I harvest something I have plants to go in it's place. 

Everything is growing quickly