Exciting Firsts


Date:03 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Sorry I've been AWOL again these last few days, I have an infection in my gum from where a wisdom had been removed and was in a lot of pain. On antibiotics and feeling much better already.


I got out to the tunnel houses today and weeded those, picked some more cucumbers, they are coming in thick and fast now! 


It's always nice to see the firsts of everything, my capsicums are flowering well with some fruit forming. And the first courgettes are beginning to form. 


My tomatoes seem so slow this season, some haven't even got to the flowering stage let alone seeing those fruit forming. I had a look at a blog from last year around the same date, and I'm not imagining things, my tomato plants were double the size and plenty of fruit on them. But I'm not panicking, as i know they will get there eventually.


I have been trying really hard to take the laterals off my Tom's, but a few plants have got out of hand already as you can see from the picture!




Exciting Firsts