eye injury prevention in the garden

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:03 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

my 'eye injury prevention devices' have been officially inspected and approved of lol .

had bean seedlings desparate to go in but havn't made my supports yet.The landlord went and cut me some bamboo last week for the beans - just i havnt made the wigwam yet as first i need to paint up and put the handles on the pot it is going into - long not relavent story...

however i picked up some lovely broken manuka branches a few weeks ago when i was out on a photo shoot thinking they would be lovely for a christmas tree in the studio

so tonight i thought - just do it, stop over thinking it - you have 2 big snapped off manuka branches just sitting there perfect for beans 

so now they have blue lake runners planted at the base. took me 8 weeks to do! sigh. autistic issues! but they are in the ground finally. good.

the ends of the branches were so sharp - right at eye level for the cats who love to run along the top of the fence like its a race track, and one branch at human eye level which would not be great when the landlord mows the lawns   - so to avoid injuries i pushed some polystyrene Christmas baubells onto the worst ones - worked a treat - cats think they are MARVELOUS! 

starting to look like a real artists garden! 

oh - i also sowed a container with radicchio seeds - i hear ,as well as being easy to grow and good to eat, that they have BLUE flowers so looking forward to growing them for eating and letting go to seed - the bumble bees will thank me for sure!

eye injury prevention in the garden