Fabulous Foxy's

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:04 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

I blogged a wee while ago about the foxglove seeds I sowed which ended up providing me with literally around a hundred seedlings. I gave so many away but ended up with quite a few that I felt I had to plant in my flower garden. 

They are now rewarding me with their beauty and their ability to attract bees. The wind is playing a little bit of havoc with them but most are standing up straight and tall and putting on their best show.

The funniest thing with them happened last week though.

My two grandsons (5 and 7 years) needed flowers for a sand saucer day at school. We wandered around the garden and chose daisies, lavender, snapdragon, thyme flowers, parsley, rosebuds and more.

But the thing they wanted most was the foxglove flowers.

I had to tell them that, while they are very pretty, the foxglove is a poisonous plant that could make them quite sick. They were disappointed but understood the concept fortunately and so the foxgloves are now to be looked at, but not touched in Nanny's garden.

Fabulous Foxy's