Fashion in the Garden

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:06 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today the SH and I had a big day out.

We went to the races in Waverley, which for most might seem a little provincial - if not rural! Friends of ours own a business and they had organised a work get together at the races and invited us along. It was bitterly cold but a lovely, fun day. We certainly didn't come home richer but we thoroughly enjoyed time spent with good friends.

We checked the forecast as soon as we arrived home (as you do) and our bets are on a frost in Whanganui tonight - although judging by our lack of success at the races today we may be wrong!

So it was out into the garden to cover our spuddies with blue tarps which we have pegged down, although if there is a breeze that should rule out frost.

I may not look dressed to kill here but my usual attire is jeans and sweatshirt. Today I actually wore a dress to the races and in this photo all I swapped was the knee high black boots for a pair of red band gumboots.

As I write the sky is that gorgeous pale blue, the wind is nil and I have a feeling my foray into our potato patch in my finery is going to be worthwhile - best bet I've put on all day!!

Fashion in the Garden