Things are growing great

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:27 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

The Flexi tunnel is doing great , I have a bit more space and will direct sow the free seeds I received from Yates a nice Mexican flower mixes . 

Tuber rose look amazing and the stocks are coming along nicely, I do have to regularly check for caterpillars and did find 5 of my old nemesis the stink bug who I squashed under foot one thing I don't use my fingers for because they really do smell , I found some eggs that I dropped into a bucket of water . 

My craspidia seems to have much bigger flowers with the heat so I'm very tempted to move the out side ones in here to , but space is becoming scarce . 

We're heading back to Wellington to pick the truck up , sooo exciting so I have been planting a lot out a few sunflowers, orlaya, and statice , tomorrow I will get the cornflowers in . 

with rain on the forecast for the next few days it seems to make sense to get a few things in the covered garden , 

and to throw some granular feed over the flower field . 

Plus I like to irrigate when it's raining or just before it gives a much deeper water and helps the moisture last as we come into hotter weather soon . 


Things are growing great