Foiling the Felines... and the birds.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:14 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

I have two little flower gardens underneath espaliered apples on our driveway. I like to plant them up with seasonal annuals spring, summer and autumn. Firstly they look pretty and secondly they attract bees to pollinate the apples above.

Every time I put in new seedlings the birds come and hoik them out to look for grubs underneath. I generally lose 3 or 4 plants each time. And if it's not the birds it's our cats (who are actually paid in biscuits and Jimbo's to deter the birds) deciding the gardens would make a good toilet.

I have tried using bamboo stakes round the outside - useless. I have draped netting over the plants which squashed the plants and wrapped itself around Super Husbands lawnmower blade - also useless.

SH saw my despair and came up with these little cloches. He turned some metal rod into a half circle, welded on some rod legs and then used cable ties to attach the plastic netting - brilliant!

I am blessed to have married an engineer who shares my passion for our garden. 

Foiling the Felines... and the birds.