Friday Flowers / Blossoms in the Wind

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:28 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Was such a beautiful time in the garden today-  flurries of petals like snowflakes on a warm summers day drifted all around me in the wind from the old plum tree on the other side of the smoke house at the foot of the vege bed

Hopeless with measurements - but this side I am facing is 3 cabbages deep and the then a wee path up the 'middle' and the other side facing the neighbours is 1 cabbage deep approx (that's where all the alliums are currently)

Today was as lovely in the garden as yesterday was meltdown material - so,,, where the Hidcoat (sp) Lavendar is in this photo (that's it in the middle ish) is where I HAD intended for that lovely blue and white Russel Lupin to go to fix nitrogen BUT when went to pop it in I just COULDN'T as even asa baby it looks way too wide, so then I got really stressed thinking about having to inch past bees to get to the rest of the vege plot as the path is quite narrow. AND it would be a pain with the insect netting over the cabbages. So then I wandered aimlessly around the garden holding it in my hand not knowing where to put  it (executive function issues) SO it is STILL not planted. (remember I have all those Dahlias to pop in also - so need to leave some space for those!) 

Partly the meltdown was because I don't know if it will cross pollinate with the beans being both legumes and I need the garden to produce food for the table so can't have beans I can't eat! Otherwise I would have popped it in by where the beans went the other day and where I have crimson broad beans and a couple of random greenfeast peas (was trying a green crop that never got dug in and now is flowering haha) . So that kind of threw me off kilter and stupidly left me in tears as by the end of the day had achieved absolutely NOTHING. I DO think I have a place for it now but - well away from other legumes in the top garden by the studio I rent.

In comparison to THAT, TODAY was so ZEN! spent some lovely hours weeding and crumbling the soil and removing weeds. Lots of happy chats with the cats (and worms) who kept me company and waiting patiently for various wasps to finish up what they were doing so I could keep going (I SHOULD make a sign up that says 'be mindful --wasps have right of way in this garden' haha. They are doing a fantastic job of keeping the brassicas free of caterpillars. I am so paranoid now about the new varient we had last summer with the purpled wings but all of the ones I saw today were copper winged and just ignored me thankfully. So just let them get on with the great job they are doing.

AND actually got some things in the soil! Lavendar in the middle of the row for the Friday Flowers , then either side greenfeast peas for the nitrogen AND then on the stakes at either end a couple of beefsteak tomato seedlings. I also had 2 lebanese cucumbers whos roots had popped out , so they went in either side of the lavendar between the peas pointy end first. 

I KNOW it sounds all very cramped in such a small row space (2 big cabbages wide) - kind of an experiment - and will sort out an upright for the cucumbers another day (I have some old christmas lights that dont work that I am thinking I could use)

Anyway was a lovely few hours enjoying the massive northland worms I spotted and a random steel blue ladybird - first one I have seen this season). And hanging out with the cats is always a treat to see them so content and happy

OH OH ANDDDDDDD I forgot to tell you it took a while not just because of having to wait for the wasps but also as I came across a few Golden Queen Peach Tree seedlings as I was forking out the weeds, so those been carefully clumped out with their earth and will be potted up tomorrow. I intend to keep one for myself and either onsell or trade the rest for things I need. sounds like a good plan. 

OH- the grid on top of where the seeds are sown is a landlord trick to stop the animals disturbing the seeds as they germinate ( there was HEDGEHOG POOP in the garden today YAY and random cats and other beasties rampage through there at night. AND nothing more enticing than freshly dug light crumbly soil to a cat looking for a place to pee! So The grid will act as a deterrant to that 

Friday Flowers / Blossoms in the Wind